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Pure Design-Perfect Precision

Swiss Design is premium home brand from Fashion Kart bouquet. Swiss Design is a luxurious brand which offers the premium range of lifestyle products as the tag line goes pure design with perfect precision. Swiss Design is inspired by designs from Switzerland which can be felt in all the fashion accessories like watches, bags, belt, Jewelry, Handbags, purses, sunglasses, cardholder, passport holders, watchcase etc. This brand mainly caters to the consumer segment which has unique tastes for Swiss made designs. Swiss design as a brand is fusion of contemporary style and modern design.

Swiss Design Women and Men’s watches are designed by in-house designer Sandy Daniel and Michael Hill who has mastery in artisanal quality in creating unparalleled design. These designers have created a smart blend of glamour and ingenuity in all Swiss design timepieces which gives a feel good sensation to our luxurious brand. The timepieces are manufactured with the finest materials and luxurious details - from certified diamonds, crystals, mother-of-pearl dials, and loaded with high-tech technologies.

Swiss Design as a brand is constantly gaining inspiration from emerging lifestyle and fashion trends to bring customers the most innovative and unique products. The edgy cuts, fashionable design and exceptional Swiss craftsmanship struck a chord with our urbane audience with a goal of creating a luxurious brand worldwide.